Marketing | Apr 12th, 2019

Drop what you’re doing, you need to take advantage of the business feature on instagram.

Instagram hands this amazing tool to us all for FREE. Yeah, I said free… free and rewarding are two words everyone loves to hear and that’s exactly what the instagram business opportunity gives. In this article, we’ll teach you how to switch over to the business feature, all about the practical action buttons that make it insanely easy for people to contact you, and how you can view your profiles content interaction, activity, and insights from your audience. Now, unless you’re an instagram model or already famous… you should keep on reading.

How to switch

    1. Go to your instagram feed
    2. Click the menu icon at the top right corner
    3. Go to settings at the bottom
    4. Press “account”
    5. Finally, press “switch to business account”

      ...Easy as one, two, three… four, and five!
  1. You will then have to choose a category that your business qualifies for. Some examples are.
    1. Local Business
    2. Personal Blog
    3. Shopping & Retail
  2. Instagram will use your information including email and phone number. This is so people can contact you without effort. You can also add the address so your business can be easily located!
  3. CONNECT YOUR FACEBOOK! This allows you to create a business facebook page if you don’t already have one. If you do have a business facebook and it's now linked to instagram, you can display the same ads on both social media platforms. It's no surprise that doing so will help you reach a massive audience if done right.


After doing all of these steps, you should have your business instagram completely set up. Now we can get into some of the cool features a business instagram provides you.


1. Action Buttons and some other benefits

Once you’ve switched to a business account and added all of the necessary information, you’ll notice there are now even more buttons available for people to interact with on your profile. 

These buttons will allow:

  • People and companies to contact you through phone or email
  • Book or make an appointment with you
  • Provide the location of your business
  • Give them the ability to go directly to your online shop and purchase from you


Extra benefits that are accessible include the ability to promote your content (posts), take a look at the average time and work you put into instagram on a daily basis, and a cool new ability to have quick replies which is a setting you can turn on in order to respond instantly and easily to messages. How much more convenient can it get than that!? 


2. Instagram Insights 

Instagram insights allow you to see the analytics of all the content you put out there, your activity, and even your audience.

Knowing the amount your feed posts have been looked at, which published instagram stories where the most intriguing, and how well the promoted posts and advertisements did is hugely beneficial if you want to get out there and seen by the ideal audience. Instagram gives you a systematic look into how many followers you’ve gained this week, the top locations your instagram reaches, age range, gender, and at which hours throughout the day your followers interact with your page the most under “Audience” insights.


All of this information is just small portion of how to correctly use instagram. There’s so much more that can be done with having the business tools at your finger tips so be sure to transfer to the business option and get our “7 strategies to improve your instagram overnight” now!



Hailey H.