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1. How to be found_ 

Probably the most talked about topic in online marketing and blogging is how to stand out among your competition.

As competition grows, it’s easy to get submerged in the noise if you don’t make a name for yourself or better yet, a face. People love to watch, read about and experience other people.

It’s that simple.

Everyone loves the idea that someone can teach them something they don’t know, or entertain them while demonstrating something. YouTube, video marketing and online blogging are thriving these days.

In order to make waves in a rising tide, you have to generate a personal brand that highlights your strengths.

Here are a few ways you can help yourself or your business be found:

  1. Start a written blog: Businesses and consumers a-like are creating content daily through blogs and it generates REAL traffic.

    Anytime someone takes to the search bar to learn soemthing, theres a chance your blog can be the answer to thier question.

    Even if you're a local business owner, becoming well-known for your knowledge of vinyl flooring could gain you a huge following, giving you the option to branch out your business offerings to the digital space.
    Try these blogs to start:
    1. Wordpress
    2. Blogger
    3. Tumblr
  2. Youtube Videos: Youtube is a mainstream video blogging app that allows anyone to become a video creator and post their content for the world to see.

    Although YouTube is used constantly, this particular platform must be worked hard! There are millions of users watching endless streams of content on a daily basis, so it's easy to get left behind.

    The trick? Find a niche that you're passionate about and work at it endlessly!

    Create valuable content, the rest will fall in line...if you're patient. Now I know that's frustrating, but I'm no mastermind in this realm.

    These are simply my experieces and little bits of information I've picked up a long the way from those smarter than I. Read Crush It & Crushing It from Gary Vaynerchuk - great stuff!

  3. Have a Website built or build one yourself: A new updated website can change a lot of potential clients/customers minds about your business.

    Believe it or not,we're in an age where your store front is a website before its an actual storefront.

    People see your website (and your social media) before they ever step foot in your shop. Professional web designers are trained to know more than just how a website should look, but also how a customer will experience it, and how to drives them to your intended outcomes, quicker and more consistently.

    However, if you'd like to design your own site, it can be fun and exciting, here are a few platforms that make it easy. 
    1. Shopify - This platform is one of my favorites for the simplicity it brings to the inexperienced user. From templates that are pre-built to common standards, to sturdy server systems, guarenteeing your site will stay live. 
    2. Wix - I, personally, don't have any expoerience with WIX. However, I know it is used widely and obviously still exists, so give it a try. These DIY websites tend to vary around the same concepts and can help you accomplish your goals from time to time. 
    3. Mobirise - One of my personal favorites, this platform veers away from the all-inclusive package and allows you to get a little more of a feel for website development (if that's your thing). You can drag-and-drop your website to life, but you may need some help getting it online. 


2. How to be credible_

While you’re busy making waves through video blogging or social media content, it’s important that you stay credible while building credibility.

Endorse products you know and discuss topics you’re an expert on. If you’re a web designer, talk about ways you’ve dealt with problems or how you setup your interface.

If you’re not an expert, try an experience blog, something involving your experiences or how you deal with life.

Here are a few examples of bloggers that understand this concept.

  1. Pat Flynn -
  2. Brian Clark -
  3. Andrew Sullivan -
  4. Harvey Levin -
  5. Michael Arrington -
  6. Tim Ferriss -


3. How to be contacted_

Quite possibly the most important part of the process is how the people that are inerested in your product or service contact you, or even more important, how you contact them!

How to be contacted online: 

  1. Google My Business
    1. Visit and register you company with Google. 
    2. Fill out accurate information about your business
    3. Upload the best photos you have, of both the inside and outside
    4. Don't be afraid to add your personailty to the whole thing.
  2. Hire SEO Optimization Team - SEO professionals know what the Google searchbots are looking for to crawl your website properly.

    If this is done incorrectly it affects your search ranking drastically. Take the time to hire a professional if it's in your means, it's well worth the headache.
  3. Build New Website - A top reason why people have poor search rankings is because they don't have a website that is easily readable by Google. Bottom line.

    If you hire a professional that creates a correctly structured website with valuable content, your search ranking with Google will improve noticibly.

How to contact online:

Email marketing and follow up content are quite possibly one of the most conversion boosting forms of contact you can implement.

Nurturing leads through email drip campaigns can bring back previous buyers, engage buyers stuck in the "looking" stage, and keep casual informers entertained with your knowledge of your industry.

Mail Chimp & Constant Contact are great services for email follow up campaigns.


Wrapping It Up_

If you're a big-picture person like I am, it makes all the difference to see the entire scope of an idea. 

These 3 "how's" are intended to do just that, giving you a simplistic focus of your main daily touch points. Make sure you're tackling things in these categories if you're attempting to improve your business ranking or searchability.


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